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One Stock Shop for all your carpeting needs. Bringing together handmade carpets from all over India Agra, Bhadhoi, Varanasi, Kashmir, Jaipur etc . Also High end Loom Woven Carpets from Iran, Turkey and India.

Handknotted (Modern Contemporary)

For centuries the Hand knotted carpets are known for its exquisite weave in great details, making it the most sought after luxury in floor covering. The Modern Contemporary touch adds the class after a thorough Research and Development in designs aided by the technological and human innovations. The design can be customised as per the buyers requirements subject to minimum quantities for production.

Handknotted (Classical Traditional)

These carpets get weaved in the most poetic patterns completed with the dance of colours in each design thereby narrating a story of its own in creation of each piece as a masterpiece. These can be knotted in program based designs customised for high end projects of great substance.

Handknotted (Transitional)

These designs are created with great innovative human mind with a riot of colours placing on each piece crafted by the master craftsmen by adding new textures and even using erasing techniques in creation of the carpets. The production of these can be yet again customized as per the project based requirements.


The masterpieces in Handloom carpets are made in blends of wool, viscose can be made in designs of stripes/borders/plain ones and even with carvings in colours of buyer’s choice. The range of colour shades used are those of pantone or ARS of international standards.

Flatweaves Durries Kilims

Flatweaves, Durries, kilims are generally woven in wool or cotton without any pile and give the rugged look of a village pattern floor covering used for centuries in traditional homes. These floor covering are without any pile and remains a flatweave

Hand Tufted

These carpets/rugs can be ordered off-shelf as well as ordered based on the customised requirements. The beauty lies in the designs & colours that can either be customised in large sizes or quantities subject to minimum quantities for project based orders.

Loom Woven Woollen Rugs

Loom Woven Wool rugs, the first of its kind, oriental & modern designs, made in India on mechanical looms with the entire process of finishing done by hand, makes the most sought after inexpensive carpets. These carpets present the same look to the eyes of beholder, as that of the classical handknotted. Ideal for large projects & home use.

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